Why Kilims?

Kilims are simplicity in its most perfect form—design, pattern, texture, and color handed to us by history.

These humble and subtle handmade rugs from the Middle East and Central Asia have become the go-to decorative feature for designers looking to ground any interior space, to give it personality and a presence.


Infinite Design Possibilities

There are no limits to how you can style with kilims. Within their weaves are all the tones and shades, surprises and subtleties that can instantly bring a room to life. Whether hung on a bedroom wall, draped over a dining table, layered on top of a sisal rug, or even cut to upholster the back of a lounge chair, kilims are versatile in their form, function, and aesthetic.

For architects and designers, our vintage kilims are the perfect counterpoint to the stark minimalism of modern interiors. Our clients especially love how these sterile environments become organic, soft, warm, and adaptable when complemented by a handmade kilim rug. The ability to seamlessly blend into any home décor has led to their resurgence in interior design.


Handwoven By The Craftswomen of Anatolia

Our vintage kilims display the character of the women who’ve crafted them by hand on artisanal looms, using weaving techniques, motifs, patterns and compositions that have evolved as they’ve been passed down from generation to generation. The human element captured in a handmade textile gives a room focus and depth that cannot be achieved by machine-made rugs.

There’s intention in every kilim, to be functional and to express a personal viewpoint. A kilim gains a gorgeous patina over time that reflects the dreams and traditions of its maker. It’s like reading a beautiful story again, and again. Knowing this level of meaning exists adds immeasurably to our appreciation of these tribal rugs.


Love The Imperfections

Each kilim contains subtle marks, and slight wear from its past life, which is characteristic of vintage and handmade textiles. Instead of seeing them as imperfections we believe they should be displayed proudly as battle scars from a well-seasoned life. Their flaws only add to their charm.

Although we try to represent the beauty of our kilims as accurately as possible on our site, it’s almost hopeless for a two-dimensional image to capture the patina of use, the subtle shifts in a color palette, or the tactile details of this rich tapestry. The beauty of a vintage kilim demands that it be admired in person, and up close. Only in your presence will it flourish in all its splendor.

There’s something special about acquiring a vintage rug; you’re being passed down a piece of history, as well as a way to preserve and celebrate this ancient practice. Whether you’re historically-minded or not, you can’t deny that vintage pieces have charm and a look uniquely their own. We invite you to explore our carefully curated collection of one-of-a-kind vintage kilims.